Carbondale Church of Christ (Tulsa, OK)

Welcome to the place “Where Love Abounds”

ALL ages and backgrounds are represented among the diverse people that gather together at Carbondale before the Throne of God each Sunday and Wednesday. We believe this obeys Jesus command to “Go into all the world” and Want to take the good news of His life, death and resurrection to every living person. The greatest commands to Love God and Love One Another are taught and practiced here! YOU are welcome!

Early History

May 12, 1934 photograph of the Carbondale Church of Christ

The Church of Christ in Carbondale had its beginning in the year 1929. Prior to that time, the only congregation of the Church of Christ in the Tulsa area was in Midtown at 10th & Rockford. Five families of the 10th & Rockford congregation lived in the town of Carbondale, which is today a part of the city of Tulsa.

During the later part of 1929, a meeting was held to discuss the possibility of starting a congregation in the Carbondale area. This meeting was held in the home of Tom and Idella Evans. Brothers Evans, Conway, and Christiansen from the Carbondale families and Brother Ernest Brown, one of the elders at 10th & Rockford, and Brother John Allen Hudson, the minister at 10th & Rockford were all present. The meeting resulted in the decision to begin a new congregation in this area.

The Carbondale City Hall was rented and the first service of the new congregation was held in December, 1929. Brother Conway and Brother Evans took turns “giving talks” each Sunday. Brother Christiansen led the singing. Later, 10th & Rockford sent Brother Williamson to preach for about a year. The new congregation grew steadily in love and numbers.

An unused white frame church building (pictured above) located at 11th and Rockford streets in Tulsa was purchased in 1930. The building was torn down by the men from Carbondale and 10th & Rockford congregations and all the materials hauled to Carbondale where it was reassembled on a lot donated by Tom and Idella Evans. Tom Evans and Lester McCombs were both professional carpenters who worked and supervised the reconstruction of the building. The men of the congregation spent many weeks in the rebuilding process. Every evening and day off was devoted to the work by those who had steady jobs. The building was finally completed and the congregation met in it for the first service in December, 1930.

Origin of "Where Love Abounds"

I was present with my mentor, Brother Jack Hill when we were studying the New Testament passage where the idea of Love "abounding" was present. It was 1 Thessalonians 3:12 where Paul repeatedly reflected his longing to be with the Thessalonian Christians once again. The book is already so affectionate in its tone that Paul's prayer that their love might "abound" even more impressed us greatly. We began to talk together of how that theme would be good for our congregation too; that we should be a place "Where Love Abounds."

The rest is history. I graduated from the internship, Jack moved on to other ministries and my co-worker Judge Morris graduated on to Glory January 25, 2013. I was asked to serve as Carbondale's preacher after a series of congregational lunch meetings and began on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Carbondale has been and continues to be a place "Where Love Abounds."

Come and see.

-- Matt Crain, Minister