Dr. Matt Crain serves as our Minister under the guidance of our Shepherds who watch over all who gather. He and Lucinda have been married 45 years in December and returned to Carbondale in 2009 to serve here after interning at Carbondale while they were in college.


Kathy Looney serves as our financial secretary and edits our newsletters and bulletin. She keeps up with our membership communicates by telephone, email, postal service and texts.Kathy also grew up in the Carbondale congregation.

Shepherds and Servers

The Bible has a lot to say about how leadership is different in the church. When the Apostle Paul began traveling back around to churches he had planted, he saw that local leadership was established. The book of Acts describes these journeys and the letters that follow describe the outcome. To the church at Philippi, Paul began his letter to this church, he addressed the "saints" including the "overseers and deacons." Other terms describe the work of overseers as pastoring and shepherding. Deacons were always assigned areas of service because of their gifts and readiness to handle a specific task. We value our shepherds and servers who lead at Carbondale!