Shepherds, Servers & Staff

Terry Gary


Terry grew up at Carbondale where his father also served as one of our Shepherds. He coordinates our Missions ministry, contacting and communicating with each site every year. Terry was confirmed by the congregation to serve in January of 2020.

David Hallsted


David is active in every area of service and often teaches Bible Classes on Sunday morning. He was confirmed by the congregation as a Shepherd in 2009.

Don Sedwick


Don serves as coordinator for our Youth and Bible Classes. He was confirmed by the congregation as a Shepherd in 2009.

Doyle Black


Doyle has served for many years in various roles. He is a constant encourager and supports the needs of people inside and outside the congregation

Carrel Hart


Carrel has been part of the congregation since the 1960's. He has served as the congregation's treasurer, chairman of benevolence and continues to support the ministry in many ways.

Michael Hollaway


Michael grew up at Carbondale and has served as chairman of building and grounds for many years.

Dr. Matt Crain


Dr. Matt Crain serves as our Minister under the guidance of our Shepherds who watch over all who gather. He and Lucinda have been married 47 years  and returned to Carbondale in 2009 to serve here after interning at Carbondale while they were in college.

Bobby Buchanan

Office Manager

Bobby serves in the office as treasurer, publication designer and in general administration.

Connie Hallsted


After serving for many years in the office, Connie takes care of our facilities and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.